7 comments on “Opinions by my Students

  1. School is wild and a place that brings stress upon students, but it’s fun in the long run. Students tend to shy away from talking to their teachers. But with Mr. Douglas he comes to you instead of you coming to him. He is very relaxed with students and connects with them amazingly. Plus he gives you free answers sometimes which is pretty great. To sum this short reply up, Mr. Douglas is a phenomenal teacher. He is a jazzy man!!

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    • Brooke is one of those students every teacher wants to have. She gets all of her work done. Behaves in class and still has a great personality as the above quote shows. Thanks for being such a great part of my WHS experience this year, Brooke! Have a fantastic summer.


  2. 100% agree with Brooke! At first, when i figured i would be stuck in a boring science class, i dreaded every second of it, but after i met Mr. Douglas, he made me want to ACTUALLY come to the class. As Brooke said Mr.Douglas is a phenomenal teacher. Thank you for the memories in that class. Thank you for encouraging and helping me through the year. I can’t believe it’s over. Also, thank you for Jazzy, she is in safe hands. Thank you for everything.
    – L

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  3. Mr Douglas made a wonderful job out of a teacher he tried his best to help all the kids he could also he had a great attitude towards all of his students and staff if you asked mr Douglas to do something he would try his best to do it for u if he could not do it he would do anything in the world to make it up to his students mr Douglas is a wonderful teacher

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