*”The Substitute”

The Substitute

(Working Draft)

ORIGINAL WELCOME (see update below):

I began substitute teaching in December 2015. To most subs I have met in the last few months I am just a babe compared to them. I have met subs who have been doing this for more than 40 years.

I created a bucket list of things I wanted to do in my life some years ago. Teaching was on the list and I managed to teach at the college level for a couple of years and to become a guest lecturer. What I never added to the list was substitute teaching. I had always heard it did not pay well, consumed all of your time, was a career with no respect from full time teachers or administrators and other rumors.

I started to learn very quickly that rumors were just that but have come across nice people at every school I have subbed for in my short career.

As an author I have written about my life’s experiences and have made the decision to start this blog to record my experiences as a substitute teacher.

I look forward to a wonderfully rewarding experience writing on this Blog and hope you will be encouraged to CONTRIBUTE, COMMENT and READ the posts.


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UPDATE (5/19/2016):

After having established this blog which included having interchanges with readers I have rethought what my book will be about. As a devoted sociologist, I see great benefit in what I can potentially accomplish with “The Substitute”. The topics in the book will take on the genre of a personal biography, as was initially my intent, but I hope to also explore –

  • Relationships between Substitute Teachers and their Students

  • Relationships between Substitute Teachers and Co-Teachers and Special Education Aids

  • Relationships between Substitute Teachers and School Administrators

  • Relationships between Substitute Teachers and The Community

Thank you and WELCOME!


Steven Lee Douglas